I would like to introduce myself to everyone coming into my new site. I am Adamandia Karamanou or Ada for short and I am the person behind Ada Quilted Creations. I live in Greece with my family and I have 3 wonderful children (2 girls and a boy).

I love making quilted ornaments. I fell in love with this craft several years ago when I was trying to make pink ornaments for my Christmas tree! I found some youtube tutorials and taught myself. I remember that I stayed up till 4 am in the morning making ornaments using old pink shirts from my girls. The rest is history as they say. I was hooked and I never stopped creating. I opened an Etsy shop trying to sell my creations in order to finance my hobby in February 2017. I wrote my first tutorial on a heart pattern the year after.

Fun fact: the first ornament I sold was my pink star gazer heart and the first Tutorial I wrote was that same heart.

I have written many tutorials since then and I still come up with new designs as I work. I usually start working on my tutorials every January till June. On July and August, I cross stitch my new ideas and throughout the year I try to put into ornaments all the new ideas on my head   .

Did I mention that I also love cross stitching? When I first made quilted ornaments, I thought how wonderful it would be if I could find tiny cross stitch patterns to use on my ornaments and I am in constant search of designs that "talk to my heart" and want to become featured in my ornaments.

Crafting is like soul medicine to me, I love the process, the preparation but most of all I like to see the reaction of my friends, family and customers when they have one of my crafts in their hands. I love seeing my work being appreciated since every item is special and precious to me.

I ship my crafts worldwide from Athens, Greece and will supply you with a tracking number as soon as your order is dispatched. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

You should also know that I run a group in Facebook called “Ornaments Gang” . As soon as you become a member you are free to post your wonderful ornaments or ask for help. Throughout the year there are also several "Events" that are going to be held in the group, others will have craft supplies for sale and others will have finished ornaments and crafts for sale. I usually have up to 10-12 events during the year.

I am always happy to help if I can, so don't hesitate to ask.